A unique experience in a boutique winery

Tamiolakis Winery is located in the village Houdetsi, Municipality Nikos Kazantzakis on a slope with an altitude of 450-550m and direction of the sea. The modern boutique winery is located next to a standard 50 acre organic vineyard.

In this unique vineyard Tamiolaki family, a family of oenologists – winemakers with a long tradition of Cretan wine, is dedicated to winemaking and the emergence of indigenous varieties of the island. For this purpose follows biological methods for the cultivation of the vine and the most modern winemaking techniques.

So, the same people of the family of winemakers undertake to accommodate in the estate and to guide their guests.
The presentation of the Cretan varieties, the tour in the vineyards, the winery and the wine list and the description of modern methods of vinification are the first part of the tour.

Below is wine tasting and a description of the wines of the estate by experienced oenologist who will answer questions and queries. The wine lovers who want to extend the experience of tasting next to the vineyards, they are able to enjoy the wine of the estate accompanied by delicious dishes of Cretan cuisine.

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