Stay at an old country villa and visit the family winery in Houdetsi, Crete.

At the above rustic residence you can spend a splendid day, starting from the winery Boutique of the Tamiolaki family. Near the winery is the pictured house of the owner’s grandfather in the village of Houdetsi.

You will be shown around the vineyards of the winery and you will also tour the winery itself. You will have a chance to taste all the varieties of wine that the estate produces alongside its connoisseurs. After this lovely experience a superb traditional meal will be prepared at the above house, cooked by the hostess herself, using wholesome vegetables from the estate’s gardens, meat and cheese from the caretaker’s stables and wines that you will select from the wine cellar.

We hope that the whole experience will bring back memories of your grandmother’s house or from a warm stay at a friend’s.

The price for four people is 300€ which includes:

  • A tour of the winery
  • A tour of the vineyards
  • Wine degustation in the wine tasting room of all the estate’s collection.
  • Traditional mezedes accompanied with traditional aperitifs.
  • A traditional feast at the house or in the garden (cooked by the hostess herself) served with the appropriate wines.

Additional guests can be accommodated for 50€ each.

To the above, a night’s stay at the residence with breakfast can be included for an additional 200€.

In the case that an overnight stay is not desired, the number of persons that can be hosted is from 4 to 8 with a per person charge of 120€.